The Acropolis:  An artist's representation of the Acropolis in its Classical heyday.

Map Of The Acropolis Of Athens In Socrates And Plato's Time:  Another image of the Acropolis with brief dictionary-like descriptions of each of the main monuments.

Jeffry M. Hurwit, "The Rock and the Goddess": This is a 20-page excerpt from Hurwit's full-length Cambridge University Press study, Acropolis in the Age of Pericles.

  Hellenic Ministry Of Culture -- Acropolis Of Athens:

  Acropolis At Athens -- Pathways To Ancient Myth:  A good overview of the famous site.

The Acropolis Of Athens:  A well-produced introduction from Martijn Moerbeek.

Athenian Acropolis:  A description of the different monuments from Livio C. Stecchini.

  Dr. J's Illustrated Athenian Acropolis:  Photographs and description from Illinois State University classicist Janice Siegel.

Acropolis Of Athens -- Wikipedia:

Athenian Acropolis -- Sacred Places:

  Acropolis Of Athens:  An overview from experienced Greek traveller Matt Barrett.

Acropolis -- Ancient City Of Athens:

History Of The Acropolis -- Ancient Greece:

The Acropolis:  A brief description and photographs from tourist Grisel Gonzalez.

Acropolis Museum -- Sacred Destinations:

Areopagus -- Sacred Destinations:

Ancient Athens Index:  From Harry's Greece Travel Guide.


Parthenon:  An overview of the Acropolis's signature monument from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Parthenon:  David Silverman's description for a Reed College Humanities site.

  Secrets Of The Parthenon:  The companion web-site for a PBS Nova special.

Parthenon -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

Parthenon, Athens -- Sacred Destinations:

Parthenon: From Antiquity To The Present:  A Cambridge anthology of historical essays edited by Jenifer Neils.

The Elgin Marbles -- Parthenon Frieze:

  Restitution Of The Parthenon Marbles:  The official Greek government position as outlined by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Acropolis Of Athens:  A Greek-based site dedicated to the return of the Elgin Marbles.


Erechtheum:  A concise description from the City University of New York Classics Department.

  Erechtheum -- Wikipedia:

Erechtheion -- Sacred Destinations:

Erechtheum -- Museum Of The Goddess Athena:

  Caryatid -- Wikipedia:

Temple Of Athena Nike

  Temple Of Athena Nike -- Wikipedia:

Temple Of Athena Nike -- Sacred Destinations:


Brauronion:  A concise description from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

  Brauroneion -- Wikipedia:


Eleusinion -- Project Athinai:

Eleusinion -- Wikipedia:  A very brief entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

  City Eleusinion -- Ancient City Of Athens:

Theater Of Dionysus And Our Lady Of The Cave

Theatre Of Dionysus -- Wikipedia:  An entry from the on-line encyclopedia.

  Theater Of Dionysus:

Acropolis -- Wall Of Timon, Panagia I Sipolotiss And Choregic Monument Of Thyrasyllos:

Oscar Broneer and M.Z. Pease, "Cave On The East Slope Of The Acropolis," Hesperia, 5 (1936): 247-72.

Panathenaic Festival

  Panathenaic Way:

Panathenaic Festival:

Worshipping Athena -- Pananthenaia And Parthenon:  A comprehensive series of essays edited by Jenifer Neils for University of Wisconsin Press.


  Propylaea -- Wikipedia:  An introduction from the on-line encyclopedia.


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