"Art Of Spain," BBC Four, 2011:

Part 1, The Moorish South

Part 2, The Dark Heart

Part 3, The Mystical North:

Private Life Of A Masterpiece, BBC:

  Episode 6, Francisco Goya -- The Third Of May 1808:

Episode 13, Pablo Picasso -- Les Demoiselle D'Avignon:

Episode 21, Salvador Dali -- Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross:

  Simon Schama's Power Of Art, BBC:

Pablo Picasso:

  Ilan Stevens, "Why Should You Read 'Don Quixote'?," TED-Ed, October 8, 2018.  (6 mins)

  "'Don Quixote' By Miguel De Cervantes," Animated Books, April 4, 2017.  (6 mins)

  "Classics Summarized: Don Quixote," Overly Sarcastic Productions, September 14, 2-18.  (25 mins)

  "Cities Of Light: The Rise And Fall Of Islamic Spain," Unity Productions Foundation, 2007.  (116 mins)


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