Hotel prices are listed in Turkish lira, euros, or U.S. dollars.  Discounts are often available if you pay in cash or book ahead on-line.  Hotels usually offer their best rates on-line.

Pansiyons are a better option than one-star hotels.  Most are family-run establishments offering good-value accommodation.

The price of the room usually includes breakfast.  Coastal hotels and holiday villages offer half-board.

VAT (known in Turkish as KDV) is usually included in the price of a room.

Small Boutique Hotels might be a useful source.

Turkey has "Special Class" hotels.  These are considered to be establishments that meet high standards of hospitality and service.  Even if listed as a pansioyon, the comfort level and food will be first-rate.

Hostel World is an international booking portal with a good listing of Turkish hostels.


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