When do we want to go and what are the considerations here?  Do we need fixed dates soon?

How long do we want to travel?

What should be our arrival and departure city? (Istanbul?  Ankara?  Antalya?)

Any recommendations for plane tickets?

When can we apply for PD?

What regions should we visit and why?

How developed should the itinerary be?

Where do we want to stay?  Do we want fixed bases; to be on the move regularly: or a combination of the two?

How much use should we make of Airbnb?

What are the most important in-Turkey travel considerations?  Is there anything to know about renting a car or driving in Turkey?

Do we want a loose theme for the trip?  (I like the idea of a possible To Turkey In Search Of Gods And Heroes [And Prophets And Saints])

How should our trip connect to a possible NIC Field School?  (TBD:  I prefer the idea of Spring 2021 rather than Spring 2020)

What are our respective strengths and weaknesses?  How best can we complement each other with planning and travel?

What cell phone considerations are there?


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