A high-speed train line links Ankara with Konya, while another connects Ankara and Istanbul.

Rail trips can be booked though the TCDD website, though it can be confusing to do so.  One recommended website for making one's own arrangements is the following.  The Turkish State Railways also provides booking and much other information, such as timetables and authorized ticket agents.  Many travel agencies are authorized to sell train tickets.

To rent a car, you need to present an international driving license and your passport.

Many toll highways only accept pre-paid KGS (Kreditli Gecis Systemi) smartcards -- larger car rental companies should have these available and they are required if renting a car at one of the two Istanbul airports.

Parking is a problem in cities.  Towaway zones are marked by a sign with a broken-down van.

Turkey has very high gas prices and a high accident rate.

Izmir And Ephesus To Cappadocia:  This web-site may have useful driving information for different parts of Turkey.

To board a tram, but a flat-fare token from the machine near the platform.  The Istanbulkart is also accepted on the tramway.  To access the platform swipe the Istanbulkart or push the token into a slot.


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