Prometheus Bound: Discussion Questions

"Share this pain/with me, for as/ you know, pain/tends to wander.

someday, you/will be the one/writhing in pain."

--Prometheus in Prometheus Bound

Some Questions To Consider

Does Prometheus Bound have a central theme?  What is this play about?

"I first met Prometheus while touring the Jefferson City Correctional Center," writes Bryan Doerries.  How would you respond to his description of Prometheus as "the most iconic prisoner of all time" and how does this change your understanding of the tragedy?

How would you describe the relationship between Prometheus and Zeus?  Between Prometheus and humans?  Between humans and the gods?  Between Prometheus and Hephaestus?

What is the image of humanity as presented in Prometheus Bound?

How would you compare and contrast the suffering of Prometheus to the suffering of Odysseus or Pentheus?  To the suffering of Jesus?

How would you compare and contrast the story of Prometheus to the beginning of Genesis?

How would you compare and contrast "the Law" as portrayed in Prometheus Bound with "the Law" in Exodus?



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