Making Us Human and After The Ice Age

(Episodes 1-10)

Ancient Egypt In The News

Museums And Ancient History (1): Iraq And Syria

Sapiens Ancient Israelites Museums And Ancient History (2): The Elgin Marbles

Naked Olympics

Herodotus And Thucydides



Historical Jesus

Early Christianity In The News

Axial Age

After The Prophet -- The Epic Story Of The Shia-Sunni Split

Mahabharata And Ramayana

Silk Road

Mayans In The News History Of The World In 100 Objects Reviewed

The First Cities And States and Beginning Of Science and Literature

(Episodes 11-20)

Old Powers, New Powers and The World In The Age Of Confucius

(Episodes 21-30)

Empire Builders and Ancient Pleasures, Modern Spice

(Episodes 31-40)

Rise Of World Faiths and Silk Road And Beyond and Inside The Palace

(Episodes 41-55)




Discussion Topics From Earlier Semesters:

Ancient Near East


Ancient Rome In The News 1177 Cleopatra In History And Myth

Dead Sea Scrolls

Of Neanderthals And Hobbits

Black Athena Debate

"I Have Gazed Upon The Face Of Agamemnon": The Trojan War As Myth And History

Women In Ancient Egypt And Classical Greece

Pelopponesian Wars And History


Chinese Philosophy And The Warring States Era

Silk Road And Great Wall

Fires Of Vesuvius


Sunnis, Shiites And Sufis

The Mayans


Viking Revival