"Glory Of Byzantium," Art Of Eternity:

  "Byzantium -- Last Of The Romans, Part I," Fall Of Civilizations, January 2021.  (100 mins)

  Leonora Neville, "The Rise And Fall Of The Byzantine Empire," TED-Ed, April 9, 2018.  (5 mins)

  Byzantium -- A Tale Of Three Cities, BBC, 2013:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

  Byzantium -- The Lost Empire, ABTV, 1997:

Building The Dream:

Heaven On Earth:

Envy Of The World:

Forever And Ever:

  Byzantine Empire -- Justinian And Theodora, Extra History, 2015:

Episode 1, From Swineherd To Emperor

Episode 2, The Reforms Of Justinian

Episode 3, Purple Is The Noblest Shroud

Episode 4, Vanquishing The Vandals

Episode 5, Impossible Burden Of Fate

Episode 6, Fighting For Rome

Episode 7, The Cracks Begin To Spread

Episode 8, Bad Faith

Episode 9, Justinian's Rival

Episode 10, This Is My Empire

Episode 11, The Emperor Who Never Sleeps

Episode 12, Caesar I Was, And Am Justinian

  Byzantines, Engineering An Empire, History Channel:  An episode from a major series that explores the role of technology in the rise of empires.

  "Chinese Historian Describes The Byzantine Empire, 7-10th Century 'Book Of Tang,'" Primary Source, Voices Of Past, November 2, 2019.  (8 mins)


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